Parts For Sale - radiators

Single Image Dallara rads 95-04 cars

Many rads new and used for Dallara 395-04cars

Single Image Ralt RT3 rad

New rad for Ralt RT3/5 cars

Single Image Lola 96-9850 rads

4 rads in stock 1 pair 2 of same side for Lola 96-9850 euro F3000 car

Single Image Reynard 91-95D rads

various rads for Reynard 91-95d cars

Single Image Reynard 88-98D rads

new and used Reynard rads in stock for 88-98d cars

Single Image Bowman BC3 rads new

3 new Bowman BC3 rads 1 has been altered on the outlets to try to fit to another car

Single Image Jordan 191 or 192 radiators

Jordan 191 or 192 radiators new

Price: 300
Single Image Bentley Le Man 2001 Intercoolers

Bentley Le Mans 2001-2003 race car Intercoolers Heat exchangers Radiators

Single Image Bentley Le Man 2001 radiators

Bentley Le Mans 2001-2003 race car Radiators Many Radiators Intercoolers Heat exchangers each side

Single Image Reynard Indycar radiator

Reynard Indycar 94 5 6 era rads

Single Image Many alloy rads

many different sizes of alloy rads in stock ideal fro DIY kit car build projects some are f3 f300 Indycar or Bently LM car rads and Intercoolers

Single Image Intercooler Bentley LM car

many new Intercoolers as used on Bentley LM car

Single Image Alloy rads long

Long rads from Bentley 2000/01LM car

Single Image alloy rad square

Alloy rads square size aprox 17 inches x 12.5

Single Image Heat Exchangers Mondeo BTCC cars

New heat exchangers as fitted to Ford Mondeo BTCC cars 400 each

Price: 400
Single Image Ultima GT new rad

New alloy rad built for Ultima GT car size 800x 635 mm

Single Image oil coolers

selection of oil coolers in stock