Parts For Sale - engines & ancillaries

Single Image Dallara Mitsubishi 395 98 fitting kit

Dallara 395-98 fitting kits bellhousing some oil water lines input shaft top plate exhaust

Price: £
Single Image dallara 399-04 toyota bellhousing new

Dallara 399-04 Bellhousing new may have top plate to suit input shaft and some oil water lines

Price: £
Single Image Dallara 395-98 toyota fitting kit

Dallara 395-98 toyota fitting kit bellhousing shaft tub mounts top plate some oil water lines

Price: £
Single Image Dallara 399-04 Mugen Fitting kit

dallara 399-04 Mugen fitting kit bellhousings tall and short engine exhaust input shaft some oil & water lines

Price: £
Single Image Jenvey style V8 twin injector throttle body system

Used on a project sports car build programme Unknown make ( not Jenvey no markings) V8 engine fuel injection throttle body kit with twin injectors Believed fitted to a GM V8 motor but easily adapted to other type of engine

Price: £SOLD
Single Image hewland Mk8 Fford new used adaptor plates

new and used FFord hewland mk8 adaptor plates

Price: £
Single Image Mugen exhaust system

Many dallara 399-04 mugen exhaust systems in stock

Price: £
Single Image Mugen EFi ecu kit

Mugen F3 engine EFI ecu kit as per photo also have another system with loom sensors etc

Price: £
Single Image Mugen XH6 starter motor

Mugen XH6 engine starter motor used

Price: £750
Single Image Mugen F3 carbon airboxes

Mugen F3 carbon airboxes suit the XH6 engine 3 different boxes for dallara 397 /8 £ 750 399-01 £1250 302-4 cars £1500

Price: £
Single Image Reynard 90-92D Formula Holden fitting kit

Reynard 90-92d Holden V6 engine fitting kit pair exhaust headers and tail pipe sump oil filter housing some oil water pipes engine gearbox adaptor plate side frames airbox £1000 for all we have

Price: £SOLD
Single Image Zytek Judd EV boxes

Zytek Judd EV engine boxes

Price: £
Single Image Mugen MF308 engines for sale

We have 2 Mugen MF308 F3000 spec motors fully stripped ready to rebuild The motors will be rebuilt to order and sold fresh ready to dyno test There is no ECU with the motors and a £10000 deposit will be required to be paid to the engine builder to commence the rebuild programme

Price: £30000
Single Image Cosworth GAA V6 bearing/shells

New bearing shells for Cosowrth GAA V6 engine

Price: £
Single Image Cosworth DFV/Z/R shallow sump

Cosworth DFV Z R shallow sump this does not have the starter motor hole in it used on F1 engined cars that have the starter through the gearbox

Price: £1200
Single Image Cosworth DFV Z R electric FI trumpets

Many trumpets in stock 4 different sizes please enquire for more details

Price: £
Single Image mechanical fuel pump

2 units for sale all serviced tested by the No 1 man in the UK for these items mechanical fuel pumps overhauled bench tested £550 each

Price: £550
Single Image Lucas 6 mm metering unit

Lucas 6 mm metering units just overhauled tested by ex Lucas Motorsport technician 3 available

Price: £SOLD
Single Image Cosworth DFV/X /R damaged heads

Cosworth DFV X R damaged heads ideal to build display engine some could possibly be repaired and used enquire for more photos and info

Price: £
Single Image VW cam oil pump drives

VW oil cam oil drives

Price: £
Single Image VW cam shafts

We have new camshafts and some blanks to machine to your profile requirements

Price: £
Single Image Reynard 89H adaptor plate

Reynard 89H adaptor plate for Toyota to FT200 gearbox 3 new in stock pt HDQ0006

Price: £250
Single Image F3 electric starter motors

Nippon denso F3 starter motors suit ralt reynard F3 cars

Price: £
Single Image Dallara Toyota airbox

Dallara Toyota F3 airbox 24 mm restrictor

Price: £
Single Image Hart 415T turbo early manifold

Hart 415T turbo manifold £500

Price: £500
Single Image Cosworth BDA flywheel

Cosworth BDA flywheel

Price: £
Single Image F5000 Alan Smith cross over injection manifold

new Cross over injection manifold system as used on Alan Smith Chevy motors

Price: £4950
Single Image Zytek ECU DFV and Judd CV motors

1 Zytek ECU for Cosworth DFV 1 Zytek ECU for Judd CV ( NOW SOLD) both have wiped memory ready to install new mapping

Price: £
Single Image Lucas capacity boxes

We have from time to time the Lucas capacity boxes

Price: £
Single Image Tyrrell 018 Lucas spark box

The black boxes in the photo are the specially made by Lucas spark box for Team Tyrrell 018 cars but will fit other cars £800 each The silver boxes are the standard Cosworth ECU these are mapped for the 3.5 litre DFZ F1 engine and we can have them remapped to engine spec of your choice

Price: £800
Single Image Cosworth DFV flywheel

DFV flywheel incorparting the starter ring gear

Price: £
Single Image Cosworth DFV/Z/R Flywheels

We have a selection of new and used DFV R Z flywheels and starter ring gears in stock from F1 F3000 /Group C engines Please ask for more details and provide your dimensions so we can compare

Price: £
Single Image Cosworth DFV/Z/R crank sensors

We carry both types of DFV R Z crank sensors

Price: £
Single Image Cosworth DFV/DFX oil pump

1 Cosworth early DFV/DFX oil pump

Price: £1650
Single Image Cosworth DFR rods new

set new Cosworth DFR rods

Price: £2500
Single Image Cosworth DFX head new

1 new Cosworth bare cylinder head@ £2750 Also have 2 cam carriers but no caps @ £1500 the pair

Price: £2750
Single Image DFV display engine

DFV display engine just needs throttle slides added and it will look the bees kness

Price: £4995